Property Upkeep

Property Upkeep

Property Upkeep

When you maintain your property successfully, you get an edge over your competitors. It is similar to going to a significant event where you “dress to impress.” You ensure that the property is spruced up, which is among the qualities that guests look for.

Property upkeep is an essential part of maintaining the property and its overall protection. BNB Haven offers property upkeep or smaller maintenance services to help you fix certain damages, replenish lacking supplies, and replace malfunctioning equipment. This way, the operations of your property run efficiently.

Why is Property Upkeep Important?

Your BNB property is a huge asset. You invested money and time on it – and you surely do not want it all to go to waste. But how do you benefit from property upkeep services?

Why is Property Upkeep Important?
  • You get to save effort and time. Hiring BNB Haven will save you a significant amount of time and effort. Everything will seem on autopilot – you do not have to do anything. When BNB Haven is responsible for your property’s maintenance activities, you can be sure that your guests will enjoy their stay.
  • You also save money. Think about the cost of hiring all the professionals necessary to keep your home well-maintained. For instance, you have a plumber and another person to fix the drywall. They may not seem expensive at first glance. However, if you calculate the total amount of the professional services you pay for, you will know that hiring BNB Haven is the smartest and most economical choice you will ever make!
  • You can count on exceptional results. Anyone can clean and maintain your property, but only well-trained professionals can deliver high-quality results. When you work with us, you know that the work done is efficient and meets your standards.

Saving money by maintaining the property yourself is a myth! Not everyone can handle repairs, painting, and other jobs for their BNB rental. Also, the time required for all the plumbing and appliance fixes can take away your time for your family, work, and even yourself. Leave it to the pros at BNB Haven to save on time, effort, and inconvenience.

What Our Property Upkeep Services Entail

To help maintain your property, we provide a variety of services that will not just repair damages but also improve the quality of your home. Some of our in-demand property upkeep services include:

Ensuring proper function of locks is critical. If you notice that your locks are broken or need replacement, all you need to do is to contact BNB Haven. The same applies to roof and ceiling repairs.

Our plumbing services include installation and repair of water tank dishwashers, washing machines, pipes, and faucets, among others. With our professional plumbing services, we can help you avoid water and flooding problems.

From minor touch-ups to major jobs, we can accomplish your painting requirements as quickly as possible. This way, you can start your BNB business right away. Typically, painting services are necessary after we have performed a particular repair job. This way, it will be easy to cover up any blemishes, if present.

If you are new to BNB hosting, you are aware that you should get rid of anything that shows the guests another person or family lives in the house. Therefore, all signs of you inhabiting the place should be removed.
You usually start by removing photographs, frames, and other similar objects hanging on the wall. Unfortunately, removing them means that you leave tiny holes due to nails and even dings on the wall.
We understand how frustrating and bothersome it can be to look at walls with holes. We will solve this problem for you.

When your tubs, fences, and other structure require some repair, we can get the job done as quickly as possible. We also assist in replacing broken door knobs or the entire door itself.

Our property upkeep also includes repair and installation of wall sockets, ceiling fans and lights, climate control systems, and power switches.

No one wants to keep their rubbish at home. Therefore, we make sure that disposing of waste will never become a problem for you.

We also take care of removing weeds and even pruning or trimming your plants. Property upkeep services also include mowing your grass, watering the plants, and raking. It is our job to ensure that your place is neat and tidy both indoors and outdoors. We provide snow removal services through shovelling and blowing – or whichever method is most suitable for your lawn.

No matter how basic or complex the maintenance job is, you can count on BNB Haven to do it for you.

Contact us to learn how we can help maintain your property today!