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Airbnb Property Management

Airbnb Property Management

We are sure you have always wanted to boost your rental income. But it means putting up more effort than you already have. What if we tell you can increase your rental yield? Even better, what if you can have more profits without any effort? Hire BnB Haven and you will know the difference right away.

Whether you already have an Airbnb investment property or you are still considering joining this industry, you can talk to our experts. We will give you guidance on how you can improve your property and make sure it is ready to accept guests.

Our professional hosting managers will help you 24/7, so you enjoy high returns without all the hard work. Here is what you can expect from our hosting services:

Professional Hosting Manage

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Property Upkeep

Maintenance is as important as keeping the place clean. Problems can crop up sometimes, which is why we are always ready to fix them. If a light bulb needs replacement, a step on the stairway that requires fixing, or the bathroom needs some plumbing job, you never have to worry. We will keep your home running as efficiently as you would.


Apart from keeping your home clean, we will also take care of one of the most important ways for you to earn money. The booking process is essential in the accommodation industry. It determines whether or not your Airbnb property will be a hit. We will take calls and answer questions so you never have to. You do not have to pick the phone to talk to a guest because we will handle it for you.


No one will book your place unless they know about it. You can leave the job of spreading the good news that your property is up for rent for a specific period. You can count on us to give your home an appealing ad that will surely meet your taste. Soon, we guarantee that more calls from guests will be headed your property’s way.             

Property Cleaning

We will take care of ensuring your property is presentable from top to bottom. No guest will want to stay in a house that does not look and feel clean. It is why we take cleaning seriously. We do not just clean when guests will arrive, but also after they leave. If requested, we can also do on-demand cleaning. We make sure your home is tidy and well organised whether or not you plan to use it.

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