Travellers have become wiser in choosing from the available options.


Travellers have become wiser in choosing from the available options. Before, the hotels were the top choice (if not the only choice), but people wanted something more affordable. It is why Airbnb was created. Successfully combining the benefits of a hotel and home, Airbnb has taken the world by storm since its launching.

The main goal of having a BNB property is to have guests book you. However, competition has become tougher than ever. There are thousands of properties already competing with you and hundreds more that pop up almost every day. How are you going to survive?

Here is where BnB Haven comes in. We not only manage your guests and booking requests but also meet them for you. Our pros will take care of everything from booking to key exchanging to offering client support.

When the customers are pleased enough to leave a glowing review of your property, other people will come booking as well!

Why You Need BnB Haven’s Booking Service for Your Rental Property

Whether you have been around or new in Airbnb, you will realise that beating your competition is much harder than it seems. Booking is a crucial part of the process that determines your success. Without guests booking your property, you can say that your investment is a failure.

But do not despair. Our team is here to ensure that you get booked no matter what the season. Our goal is to minimise vacancy rates as possible by offering potential guests something that others cannot. Our method is based on customer reviews. The formula is quite simple, really. We take care of the existing clients and make sure they are happy with the entire service. When they are satisfied from start to finish of their stay, it almost guarantees a five-star review from them.

When the customers are pleased enough to leave a glowing review of your property, other people will come booking as well!

How It Works

Throughout our years in the rental industry, we have accumulated pertinent information about what guests want. What do they look for in a BNB property that would entice them to book? Here’s where we can help:

  • Location: One of the biggest reasons people book an Airbnb property is its location. When your rental home is in an idyllic area with many hotspots nearby and easy transport access, guests will be booking in no time. Some clients like to be away from the noise. It is all a matter of preference, and you can leave it to BnB Haven to find suitable guests for your home.
  • Facilities: It makes sense to provide all the advantages your property can offer. Amenities, such as cable TV, WiFi, hot tub, gym, and fully-stocked kitchen will surely attract clients.
  • Transparency: House rules and limitations do not have to be highlighted, but your guests should know about them.
  • Photos: The pictures of your home paint a thousand words for your potential clients. The chosen images can make or break your Airbnb. It is why we carefully select the photos by ensuring they are taken in good lighting and angle.
  • Reviews: People have learned that reviews matter. They are as crucial as your listing. BnB Haven protects your reputation by keeping reviews positive. While you cannot please everyone with the service, amenities, and other factors, we always address any issue quickly. This way, even bad reviews can turn into constructive criticism that will help your Airbnb thrive in the future.

The booking process is simplified into three steps:

We take a look at the property and provide you with an evaluation, including how much you can earn from it. What are its most significant advantages over the competition? What can you do to improve it further? We will help you figure out the answer to these questions and the others you may have.

So, your home is now ready to accept guests, and you’re excited to have them book you. Before that, though, we still have to list and market it. We have a professional photography team that will capture the true beauty of your home, both indoors and outdoors.

Finally, it is time for you to start earning. We will manage your booking requests and schedule the guests accordingly.
As you can see, it is that simple! BNB Haven applies dynamic pricing so you can have the best possible returns for your rental property.

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