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The statement, “No one will book your Airbnb if they do not know about it,” sounds like a cliché but it is true. You want to make sure your place is effectively listed on Airbnb and other websites or social media platforms. The most crucial thing about the listing is that it reaches not just anyone but the right audience.

And it is precisely what BNB Haven is excellent at doing!

Promoting your Airbnb listing takes time and effort – and a little bit of money. However, all these outlays will only matter if you see the outcome: people booking your place.

BNB Haven is an expert in ensuring your property gets the visibility it deserves. Here are some of the effective methods:

Creating a story for promoting your Airbnb listing

People today, especially social media users, want a convincing story that illustrates the reasons why they should pick your Airbnb over the other options. We are adept in painting a narrative that talks about what your home is like, along with beautiful photos of its interiors. We will even combine the story and pictures with captivating details about the neighbourhood or the city where you are located.

Providing a specific experience

Guests are searching for an Airbnb that matches their wants and persona. It is why it is incredibly essential for us to learn about your target audience first. Are they businesspeople who are just in town for a meeting? Are they families with kids? Are they young couples or friends that want to explore the beauty of the city? It is all about what your clients want and what draws their interests.

Offering specials

Marketing is not just about listing your property; it is also about appealing to guests by giving them something for free. There are several offers that you can make. For example, you can offer a 10 per cent discount on their next stay if they are willing to refer their friends or family to your property. Of course, you need to approve these offers. But the point is that you aim to make sure you will have returning guests by providing them perks to visit again.

Completing the listing

Unlike other property managers out there, BNB Haven will build a complete listing for you. We do not just put photos of your property, add your location, and amenities.

Our goal is for other people to learn more about your Airbnb home even if they have not set foot in there yet. This way, when they arrive, they know exactly what to expect. Our listings are based on 100% transparency. It sets the tone for your guests’ expectations, so they know the restrictions (if any).

At the same time, we are committed to ensuring your property is ready for photos and guests. Photos are things that we take seriously. Updating your collection, capturing the exquisiteness of your home during sunrise and sunset, and using beautiful hues on the background will certainly call the attention of the readers.

BNB Haven takes pride in using a sophisticated algorithm to find the best price for your property. We do not want it to be too expensive that guests no longer wish to book it. Moreover, we do not want a cheap property that will hamper great returns for your business.

Instead, we are committed to finding the most competitive pricing by performing a thorough search around the neighbourhood for similar properties.

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Why Choose Us for Airbnb Advertising

BNB Haven cares about your branding. Creating a listing is more than just having vivid words and photos of your property. For us, it represents who you are as an owner and host. Getting the word out there increases trust and confidence in your guests. You can even compare them to reviews. When people see the listing, they are more likely to book your home.

BNB Haven covers everything, from cover photos to images that we will use for your ad. We use compelling calls to action, tantalising headlines, and descriptive texts. When listing outside of Airbnb, we ensure all contact details are correct. This way, you never miss a call or an email from a potential guest.

Ultimately, the objective is for your Airbnb property to gain the highest exposure possible. BNB Haven goes above and beyond to help you generate value through the listing.

Do you want to enhance your property’s presence on Airbnb and other websites? Talk to our professionals today to learn more!