Have a Question? We Answer Your FAQs

BnB Haven is an Airbnb hosting service company. We offer different services for your Airbnb hosting needs. You can count on us to manage your property, which includes guest booking, cleaning and maintenance, and property marketing.

Our clients are those who want to rent out their (homes) properties. If you are a (home) property owner who wishes to earn some cash using short-term rentals, you can turn to BnB Haven. Meanwhile, if you are on an extended holiday and you want to rent out your home while you are out of the country, you can always come to us for assistance.

You can first make an enquiry on the website. Simply fill out the form where you provide your name, as well as a little bit of description about your property. Normally, we respond to enquiries within 24 hours. You can also call us to get a quicker response.
We will be in touch with you, so you can ask more questions if you wish. If your property is suitable and you have made up your mind about joining the Airbnb community, we can have one member of our team to analyse and assess your property. From there, we will start working with you so you can begin earning through your property.

It should be noted that not all properties can take advantage of the Airbnb concept. Most of the time, it works better if you are located in an area where there is a much sought-after tourist attraction. For instance, you live right in the city centre.
It would also benefit those who are nearby the areas where there are a lot of events, beaches, or convention centres.
If, however, you do not live in any of the places mentioned, it does not mean you cannot be a part of Airbnb. A more rigorous marketing tactic will be needed, but it can still work with the right company. Nevertheless, most of BNB Haven’s clients have their properties in the city centre where all the important and popular events take place.

The property should be fully furnished. It should also be self-contained; otherwise, we can provide consultation services so you can fit out your home.

Of course! You can block out dates that suit you and your family. However, we will ask you to give at least a three-day notice period. This way, we can keep anyone from booking the house. At the same time, we will take care of the cleaning process. We will make sure that your property is ready for you.

BNB Haven ensures that the guests are screened before they can book. Only those who meet our strict requirements can stay in your property. This way, damages and other problems can be avoided.
However, if a guest somehow damages your property, either by accident or intentionally, you have protection. The Airbnb Host Guarantee offers protection of up to $1 million. However, it should be noted that some items and instances are not protected.
Airbnb makes it very clear on the website that there are possessions that have limited protection from the company. These items include jewellery and artwork. Therefore, you should secure these valuables before you allow other people in. If possible, you should remove them from view or from the property itself.
You can also consider buying independent insurance for additional coverage. For instance, you can get landlord or homeowners insurance in addition to what Airbnb already offers.

Yes. With BnB Haven’s professional hosting services, your Airbnb rating will be affected – for the better! If you have already been in the industry for some time, but your ratings are not as good as you think you deserve, you need our help.
BnB Haven will respond to guest enquiries promptly no matter what time of the day. Guest communication is one of the most important factors that affect the Airbnb property’s rating. It helps address any issue right away. Even those who have not booked yet will be attended to. In return, your listing will improve visibility, especially since Airbnb rewards hosts that are attentive.

The short answer to this question is yes. We have a team of professionals that can analyse data, so your property gets more yields. We consider your postcode, along with neighbourhood prices and other factors. This way, we can adjust the rates accordingly to suit your guests. We make sure vacancies are filled while avoiding booking cancellations.